Installation project

The installation Remote Memories is the fruit of a collaboration between media artist Yannick Jacquet and composer Laurent Delforge. It is a polyptych in panoramic format, a large canvas of video and sound. This highly pictorial work resists immediate apprehension; rather it needs to be observed a moment, contemplated in order to grasp its minor details. Textures are superimposed and interlaced, creating atmospheres that vibrate with neither line nor contour – a sort of “sfumato video.” The image that seems fixed is criss-crossed by almost imperceptible waves, like a brownian movement that shakes a gas’s particles. Glimmers, colours, shapes unknown or anxious seem to emerge and disappear as if glimpsed through thick fog.

The soundtrack broadcasted through vibration speakers makes use of the canvas as a sound box. Just like the images, it is composed of vibrant textures superimposed on one another and creating a “drone” that alternates between dark moods and more luminous sounds.

There is no question of audio-reactivity here since the images and sounds evolve at their own rhythm, mixing, losing ground, drifting, letting chance and coincidence create new interactions endlessly.

The installation Remote Memories invites the gaze to pause and apprehend the impossibility of immobility in an age where data is overabundant

Project by Yannick Jacquet

Music by  Laurent Delforge

Remote Memories