Intangible States

Live audiovisual performance

Intangible States evokes the world of the urban nomad. Always in transit, everything seems a series of dreamlike states in which memories, the real and the imaginary collide.

Intangible States is a live audiovisual performance sprouting from the fruitful collaboration between the Belgian postrock/electronica duo Stray Dogs and Yannick Jacquet. Developing this performance has technically and artistically allowed them to create a starkly original audiovisual universe, in which one the interplay between the consisting elements (music, videoprojections, lighting) takes a main role.

Instead of using the traditional stage/screen setup, they designed a scenography where a multitude of projection surfaces (cardboard boxes) are placed in such a way that musicians, visuals and light are fully integrated into the performance space. The result created is a whole where visuals and auditory elements interact with same importance.

The balance of all the elements together gives to the performance an intimate abstract link reflecting the semi-improvised character of Stray Dogs’ music and Legoman’s visuals. The scenography adapts itself to the performance space, which gives a sense of uniqueness to every performance.

Visuals / lighting / scenography by Yannick Jacquet

Music by Stray Dogs (Frederik Meulyzer & Koenraad Ecker)


Past Exhibitions


⁃ Intangible States / Transvizualia/ Gdynia, PL

⁃ Intangible States / De Werf/ Brugge / B


⁃ Intangible States / Mapping Festival/ Geneva / CH

⁃ Intangible States / Festival Interstice / Le Cargo / Caen / F

⁃ Intangible States / Domino Festival/ Ancienne Belgique / Brussels / B


⁃ Intangible States / Kc nOna/ Mechelen / B

⁃ Intangible States / Plastic Festival/ brasseries Belle-Vue / Brussels / B

⁃ Intangible States / Almost Cinema Festival/ Vooruit / Ghent / B

Intangible states