Cityscape 2095


Cityscape 2095 results from a collaboration between illustrator Marc Ferrario aka Mandril and Legoman. Though using different techniques of expression, both artists’ work is heavily influenced by architecture.

This installation, using a mix of drawings, video projections and sound, shows the passing of a day in an imaginary city in fast-forward. Cityscape 2095 puts the spectator at the summit of a tower facing the horizon. The design of this imaginary city is marked by numerous architectural influences, making it both familiar, yet impossible to localise. The sound-design composed by Thomas Vaquié enforces this « disturbing strangeness ».

Video by Yannick Jacquet

Drawing by Mandril

Sound design by Thomas Vaquié


Past Exhibitions


⁃ Cityscape 2095 / Micro/Macro / Gare St Sauveur / Lille / F


⁃ Cityscape 2095 / Sundance Film Festival / Park City / USA


⁃ Cityscape 2095 / ElectroniK / Rennes / F

⁃ Cityscape 2095 / Mapping Festival / Geneva / CH